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Infopower Releases the new Infotel Employee Rostering Module!

In January 2016 the first Infopower client went live with the new Infotel Employee Rostering module. This is an excellent and cost effective front end to the Infotel Payroll module that has been in use for many years.
The staff using the Rostering module find it very easy to use and saves a lot of time preparing for the weekly Payroll processing as all of the employees daily timesheets are already there and just consolidated to form the weekly timesheets with a click of a button.
Rather than use expensive specialised fingerprint or iris scan readers for employees to clock on and off the Rostering system has a clock on screen available on all of the existing touch screen point of sale screens and any other tablet or computer screen available on the network. The employee clocks on and off by entering their unique employee code and secure pin number using the onscreen numeric touch pad.
The Daily Timesheet data prepared from the employee’s shift times is used to feed the Dashboard reporting tool for each day. No need to wait for the Payroll to be processed at the end of the week and then try and split wages on a percentage basis for each day of the previous week.
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Infopower Releases the new Dashboard Management Reporting Tool

In October 2015 the Infopower Dashboard reporting tool was released and is now being taken up by existing Infotel users.
The Dashboard display screen contains a number of graphs and specific data to publish the clients trading results for the previous day, week or month.
Information is gathered from the Point of Sale, General Ledger, Rostering, Creditor, Membership and Debtors systems to report on the Beverage, Food, Golf Retail sales and cost of sales, Wages, Top Sellers by Quantity, Value and Gross Profit Percentage, as well as outstanding Debtor and Creditor aged balance totals to give a snapshot of cash flow expectations.
This has been a great addon to the existing Infotel system as it brings a lot of reporting into one screen with easy to follow figures, tables and graphs.
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Clubs return to Infopower after trying another computer system

Two Golf Clubs have now returned to using Infopower’s Infotel Golf Club Management system after moving to a competitor’s system with disastrous results.

In August 2014 after 6 months of trying to get the system to produce meaningful results and work properly, Nudgee Golf Club in Brisbane decided to abandon that project and return to using Infotel. We worked hard over a few weeks to transfer as much information from those 6 months back into Infotel as possible and Nudgee were soon producing reliable reports again and have been extremely pleased that they made this decision.

In May 2015 after 15 months of suffering, Virginia Golf Club in Brisbane finally decided enough is enough and purchased the latest version of Infotel after considering the other viable computer solutions on the market. Within two weeks Infotel was installed and data transfer from the other system had commenced. Virgina Golf Club went live with Infotel on 1st June.

Infopower is very pleased to have these two long time customers return to using Infotel.

Infopower now interfaces to MiClub websites in real-time

The new web service for communicating with MiClub websites allows Infotel transactions and Member details and balance changes to be uploaded within a matter of minutes. This replaces the old method of just one overnight upload.

This means that within a few minutes of a member purchasing something at the Club’s Bar (as an example) the sale transaction will be visible on the website together with their new account balance.

New system payment plan

Infopower has been able to assist Clubs in obtaining and enjoying the benefits of the Infotel Club Management system by offering a payment plan to suit their budgets and cash flow.

This scheme allows the Infotel software, installation and training to be paid by fixed monthly payments over a set time period. These monthly payments and time period can be tailored to suit each Clubs circumstances.

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Customer Support

Infopower enjoys one of the highest customer ratings for support in the Club industry.

Customers benefit from having direct phone and email contact with the Infotel product’s creator.

Customers do not have to go through a support ticket system where they are placed in queue and do not know when they may hear back from the support team like some other software providers force their clients to endure.

Software Customisation

Infopower is able and willing to customise the Infotel product to suit particular client needs. You are not forced to change your business model to suit the software.

One area that has been customised for many clients is Membership Subscriptions. Changes have included the addition of special processing for one-off or multi-year levies where unforeseen circumstances such as flood repairs or course or building improvements require specific treatment.

Interfaces to other Computer Software

Infopower recognises the need for Clubs to utilise computer software from other companies to suit a specific purpose. Infopower has always been receptive to develop an interface to these systems in conjunction with the other company to make sure that the client has the most effective management software to suit their needs.

Interfaces currently available include:

  • MiClub Golf On-line Bookings system – includes member detail upload and prizes download
  • Westpac’s ClickSuper Superannuation Fund Contribution payment system
  • H&L Australia Time and Attendance and Rostering system

Australian Golf Handicapping System changes on January 27th 2014

Infopower developed the new Web Services interface to the Golflink Handicapping system required for the introduction of the new calculation method effective 27th January 2014.

The new Slope system involved an enormous amount of work to develop a completely new Golflink Interface using Web Services and modify the Infotel Golf Competition Management system to comply with the new system.

All Tier3 Providers had to undergo intensive accreditation tests over a 3 day period to prove that their systems were compliant with the new rules and processing techniques.

Infopower passed these tests with flying colours to retain the accreditation status which it has enjoyed since being a pioneer Tier3 provider in 1999.